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I am 30 years old and am from Nelspruit, South Africa.

Being someone who is obsessed with fashion and staying up to  date  with the latest trends and it being so hard to get your hands on trendy, exclusive clothing in a small town with very few options, I thought what better than to start sourcing items from all over the world and supplying them to other women who also share in my passion. 

The idea to my online store is to keep it classy yet edgy. These items are exclusive and are mostly available as a once off.

I hope to bring as much happiness to every single special lady purchasing from my website as these items all bring to me. 

Hello Gorgeous Clothing is a company that sells the latest fashion and receives orders from all over South Africa. We try our best to keep up with the latest trends and to supply our clients with great quality and affordable clothes. You deserve only the best, and that is what  you will find at Hello Gorgeous Clothing. All ladies have their different styles so the clothing ranges from classy evening dresses to funky jerseys, we offer as much as possible for you to choose from. 

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